Pur Natur invest group

The Pur Natur Invest Group has several successful subsidiaries, each with their own specialisations:

Our LACTIS Pur Natur subsidiary makes delicious yoghurt ice-cream and sublime ice-cream. Each product delivers superior quality and service.

Fresh products straight from the farm

Vermeersch zuivel dagvers van bij de boer

We supply our own production with rigorously-selected milk. This is collected fresh every day from Belgian dairy farmers who are passionate about their profession and care for their animals, and with whom we’ve established a long-term relationship.

Our values

Pur Natur onze waarden

We respect the Earth, the plants and the animals,... and for your good health too.

We are a company operating in the fresh food industry.
We do this with respect for the Earth, the Water, the Air and the Animals; major Elements.

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Download Pur Natur logo

Professionals can download a vectorialized version of the Pur Natur logo here in high resolution.

logo Pur Natur

Download detailed product sheets

Professionals can download all our detailed product sheets here in PDF-format.

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LACTIS Pur Natur
unique, Belgian products

LACTIS Pur Natur, which is based in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, has been producing dairy products for over fifty years. The company’s success has grown non-stop over the years.
LACTIS Pur Natur is home to our central milk collection service for our organic and conventional milk needs. In addition to these basic dairy/creamery activities, LACTIS Pur Natur also produces the following organic and non-organic products:

  • Fresh milk
  • Fresh cream products
  • Private label applications
  • Industrial applications
  • B2B hospitality industry products

In 2010, Pur Natur NV acquired the company. Both companies apply the same philosophy: produce quality products with respect for our earth, plants, and animals.The strong MIK and Pur Natur brands, with considerable experience in yoghurt and fresh cheese, along with LACTIS Pur Natur cream and fresh milk product specialisation, are the perfect combination.


1. Our bio certificaten emphasise and confirm the quality of our products.

The European quality mark certified by TUV NORD BE-BIO-02

2. Our simple, distinctive packaging conveys our philosophy.

3. Products made from fresh Belgian organic milk from farmers with whom we’ve worked for many years.

4. Craftsmanship: delicious ice-creams, made with love and care.

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